According to our philosophy, summer means casual and organic shapes. That is why all our patterns are hand drawn and lack of perfect straight lines. Inspiration comes mainly from nature and from elements common to the Mediterranean places, culture and lifestyle being an infinite source of ideas and offering a beautiful and rich color palette.

The result are unique, elegant and exclusive collection prints.


The things we care the most when choosing the fabrics for our collections are the touch, feel and quick drying properties. We use high quality lightweight polyester and polyamide fabrics that dry really fast and feel very soft into the skin to guarantee the SUNNO experience.

The polyester used in the 100% recycled fabric swim shorts is made with plastic bottles collected from the sea. These bottles are transformed into small pellets which later are used to make recycled polyester yarn. The fabric obtained from that yarn is finished to obtain the same quality, feel and quick dry properties as the new polyester fiber fabric.


The core feature of SUNNO swimsuits are prints. For this reason we wanted to use a printing technique that would preserve the details and colors of our prints but at the same time it would be respectful towards the environment.

For that reason our patterns are printed using the sublimation method, an eco-friendly technique by which drawings are directly transferred into the fabrics by applying heat to a preprinted design on a sheet. This allows to use the exact quantity of ink needed and produces no liquid waste, unlike other printing methods.

The printed fabrics obtained by using this technique offer clear designs and durable vivid colors resistant to chlorine and beach and sea salt.

SUNNO swimwear cut was conceived with the classic swim short in mind to preserve simplicity and a relaxed look but prioritizing comfort and elegance.  Length was also key for us: we wanted to design a leg length that looked fresh and modern.


Our collections are crafted in Spain and in Morocco, two countries with a long textile tradition. Printed fabric is cut and sewn in swimwear manufacturing specialized ateliers where expert hands take care of every detail. We only produce in highly qualified workshops that are able to guarantee our standards of quality.

All our productions are assigned only to factories that apply fair working conditions to all their stakeholders.